Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dogs of Divorce

Divorce. Are you going through it? Do you have friends or family who are? Do you provide legal or emotional counseling for those going through it? If so, this adaptation is a must-read for anyone trying to understand the complex mess called divorce.

The Dogs of Divorce is a hilarious "who-done-it" and "why-done-it." This riveting journey delves deeply in search of the many psychological drivers of divorce, with the agony and euphoria - even serendipity - played out in a story to which many can relate.

Roughly based on the author's own experience, this book introduces us to a 40-something husband and father of three teens, who is suddenly served with divorce papers after 24 years of marriage.

Stunned at first, he comes to understand that the signs had been building for years, and he must reconstruct the clues... between countless trips to the courthouse and the bewildering maze of legal and emotional twists and turns.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Holding Redlich–Family Lawyers Melbourne

Seeing a lawyer doesn’t mean you’ll end up in Family Court...

We help most of our clients reach an agreement about their family law issues without going to Family Court. There are many different ways of resolving family law disputes - our family lawyers can assist you to choose the best approach for your situation.

It’s our role as a trusted advisor that sets us apart…

We provide you with realistic advice, focused on your particular needs and life situation, so you won’t waste time, energy or money chasing something that is unachievable. So in the end, you’ll get the best result possible for you and your family.

We aim for the timely resolution of problem situations - minimising emotional and financial costs in the process.

Initial Appointment

At your first meeting our family lawyers will help you understand your legal position and give you options for moving forward. Even if you don’t wish to take any immediate action, you will leave your initial meeting with a better understanding of how family law applies to you and the different pathways you can take to resolve issues.

To make an appointment with one of our experienced family lawyers, call 03 9321 9771.

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Melbourne Family Lawyers

Auditore Specialist Family Lawyers is an Australian Family Law Specialist Firm based in Melbourne which deals exclusively in Australian and International Family Law cases. Our Family Law Specialists are accredited by the Law Institute of Victoria. We have the knowledge and the expertise to help resolve any Family Law problem quickly.

We specialise in family law property settlement and resolving financial disputes. We settle our client’s disputes using Mediation and a Collaborative Lawyer approach if possible. If it is not possible, then we ensure that our client’s case is dealt with promptly through the Family Law Courts to achieve the best possible pragmatic outcome.

All of our Family Law Specialists are Accredited by the Law Institute of Victoria and such accreditation is recognised throughout all Australia. Only the best lawyers in their field of expertise become Law Institute of Victoria Accredited Specialists.

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Helping Your Children Cope with Divorce and Its Aftermath Review
Vicki Lansky's Divorce Book for Parents is a pragmatic yet warm and understanding guide for parents and children on just about every aspect of divorce. From tips on talking to the kids about it, to information on negotiating the realities of custody and child support, Lansky demystifies the divorce process, including the emotional aspects.
A parenting writer of many books (Feed Me, I'm Yours), Lansky is also a divorced, single mother. Her combination of information, humor, and compassion make the Divorce Book for Parents a valuable resource.
From Library Journal
Basing her approach on the belief that children are affected less by divorce itself than by the way a family is restructured and the way feelings are handled afterward, Lansky--herself a divorced mother and the author of Feed Me! I'm Yours (Meadowbrook, 1986. rev. ed.) and other books--presents a highly practical and optimistic guide for divorced and divorcing parents.
Among the many problem areas she covers, all from the perspective of doing what is best for the child, are breaking the news, the danger of continuing conflict, deciding when professional help is needed, organizing--and surviving--departure, dealing with the ex-spouse, and long-term adjustment. "You might think I'm painting a rather rosy picture in this book and that the real world doesn't work like this," she admits. "But it can. " Highly recommended for all public library collections.
- Marcia G. Fuchs, Guilford Free Lib., Ct.
Copyright 1989 Reed Business Information, Inc. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.
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Monday, January 2, 2012

Custody Chaos, Personal Peace: Sharing Custody with an Ex Who is Driving You Crazy

This empowering guide is an inspirational roadmap for the millions of men and women navigating a rocky relationship with a former spouse-while trying to maintain a healthy atmosphere for their child. Topics include:
* The 7 strategies for peace when an ex refuses to change
* Skills for taming former in-laws
* Ways to help children cope with a difficult parent
* Strategies and alternatives for focusing anger
* How to avoid hot-button issues
* How to nudge an ex to change for the better
* Ways to deal with children's questions and confusion
* The new partner's role in the old partner's shadow
This is the book for every frustrated parent coming out of a divorce who needs support in setting things right-the healthy, sensible, and sane way.

For more information - Custody Chaos, Personal Peace: Sharing Custody with an Ex Who is Driving You Crazy